Proudly we are an engineering centric company brimming with talent, motivation, and steadfast follow through. We believe greatness is found in the execution of the details and the simple joy of craft.

Our team is your partner.
Your objective is our mission. 
Fabrication Lab

We Are A Team

Driven to succeed and hungry for innovation.

Jake Rivera

PRESIDENT: Fearless leader or mad visionary…it’s too close to call.

Jose Lopez

CONTROLLER: His strict attention to detail and number crunching abilities keep the lights on and everything else on track.

Ilya Kofman

DIRECTOR OF ENGINEERING: Everyone knows from here to China that Ilya is the wise and proficient leader of DI’s engineering team.

Brad Phipps

DIRECTOR OF FIELD OPERATIONS: Workhorse. Problem solver. Knows all the tricks of the trade (especially how to score front row seats to Springsteen).

Tammy Rivera

OFFICE MANAGER: The rock behind the roll…with the patience of Job!

Ken Rosier

ENGINEERING MANAGER: A master of stringed instruments, this guy once performed in Jamaica with Ziggy Marley!

Mason Rivera

ENGINEER: Skier, hobby-jogger, and former nomad--he spent seven months trekking around Spain!

Kevin Donnelly

PROCUREMENT: Proficient, skilled, and organized. And that’s just when he’s trimming his beard.

John Blowers

SENIOR PROGRAMMER: Simplifying the complex. Our go to guy for programming, IT and all things geek.

Chris Johnson

ESTIMATOR: Chris brings a winning combination of intensity, knowledge and accuracy to all his projects. Did we mention his intensity?

TJ Sheehan

INSTALLATION TECHNICIAN: Obviously the Bravest Man in Baltimore, TJ keeps the faith in Iron City.

Mindy Ascosi

CREATIVE DIRECTOR: This DI veteran is the glue to all the company’s marketing & visual direction—that is when her children aren’t glued to her back.

Alec Trumble

ENGINEER: “It’s a bird! It’s a plane!” Ok, maybe not, but this guy gets pretty close when it comes to an AV Super Hero.

Shantaul Morgan

CONTRACT ADMINISTRATOR: An undeniable equation... Kind+ Accurate+Patient+Mother= Shantaul

Kevin Barrett

ENGINEER: With a cymbal between his knees, AV Technology comes easy to our man of many instruments.

Jared Brazil

ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE: Rescues 6 point bucks from frozen pools and installs 50 light spreads for former U.S. Presidents. Not at the same time.

Andy Snair

GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Part-time Snair-do-well. Stops in occasionally to offer up a little Snair-flair.

David Herring


Brandon Wise

PROJECT MANAGER: Strength, persistence, and loyalty with a gentle temperament. Like owner Like dog.

Gabriel Rivera

INSTALLATION TECHNICIAN: Backpacked solo through Spain and Italy, makes home brews, and wires a mean rack. He's the quintessential hipster of DI. Every office needs one, right?

Daniel Choynowski

INSTALLATION TECHNICIAN: This multifaceted technician plays upright bass, electric bass, and defense on his local hockey team.

Joseph Anderson

SENIOR ENGINEER: Your friendly neighborhood mountaineer--he's hiked in the Swiss Alps!

Andrew Duffy

INSTALLATION MANAGER: Besides being really great at all things sports—including surfing in the Pacific—he’s also a top-notch AV expert!

Yevgen Voytenko



OFFICE DOG: Full-time moral support and part-time office security. Mostly pro-bono. Get it? Ha. Ha.